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Dear Chris, I'm sorry we have had a strained relationship in recent years. I do not understand why I lost interest in sex and I know you need but I can not say easy. I love you more than you can say or show. read the messages exchanged between you and a member of Swinger Heaven and I decided to tell my story. * This article may be too tame a few. I a description of me: the height of 5 feet 4 inches dark brown hair n Blue Eyes bust 34DD waist No 28 ( not fat swollen) hips 38 nice legs... shame in the face. Before meeting Chris, I liked flashing panties and cleavage, but rarely do I have to show more. I got a kick out of men trying to look up her skirt or down my blouse. If I saw a bag that I liked more, and often had the feeling. Sometimes I have physically left. Very rarely do I sleep with a man she just met. I met Chris in March 1998. It was not my usual type petiteteenager that I petiteteenager have yet. We were well on our first day. I thought it wauntil I knew better than Chris tell you about my hobby flash and feel of the cock. Getting ready for our third day I thought I would put a little more sexy. I put my white blouse with small flowers made ​​of dark brown, dark brown short skirt with a split in the front, transparent white bra and pants set, barely covered delays and patent black high heels, black sandals. Chris came and told me how beautiful I looked and reminded me that just go to the inn. I was very well petiteteenager equipped and blouse showed her breasts to perfection. Chris stayed in the car with a look at the division in my lap and now sat was an idea of ​​the tops of my socks. I did not realize. I liked what petiteteenager seems so shortened the skirt when I was not watching, so I could see in my underwear. I knew when I saw that could in any case. My plan worked and I watched my step, whether to allow street lighting, traffic and conversation. I was very hot. Since we moved intbar or parking lot, I suggested we go back to me. Although there was a bump Chris decided we should have a drink first.
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